Lights. Camera. Action.

We couldn’t say no!

There are no two ways about it.

We can’t lie.

It’s a fact.

Here at DBC, we are full-blown petrol heads. If it’s got four wheels, an engine and more horses than a Texas stud farm, we’re happy. In fact, we love the whiff of high octane fuel and burning rubber so much, our daily drive is nothing less than possibly the finest rally car for the road ever created – a second-generation Subaru Impreza STi WRX PPP.

Low, loud and glorious from every angle, it’s our pride and joy. We’ve been through a lot with this motor in the decade and a bit we’ve sat in its driver’s seat and we couldn’t face life without the four-wheel-drive rocket ship. In short, we love it, so when we got the chance to a have a full-on photoshoot to record its lines for posterity, we barrel-rolled across the bonnet, leapt in through the driver’s window and jumped at the chance.

Low, loud and glorious from every angle

— Steve Phillips

Behind the scenes

The man behind the lens for the shoot was friend of the firm and firm friend, Steve Phillips. Steve loves both his cars – he’s worked on many motoring magazines over the years – and his photography – he currently supplies images for a raft of national magazines.

With the Impreza washed, waxed and polished to within an inch of its life, the hardest bit of the shoot was finding a suitable location. Steve had done some scouting about and found an area on an industrial estate that delivered the right feel for a backdrop to work with the car. Permission asked, car manoeuvred into position and we got started.

A pair of flash lamps on stands positioned about the car did the bulk of the work to highlight its angles and panels, while Steve rolled around on the floor handholding and tripodding shots, the shutter being pressed at a rate of knots.

Front three-quarters, profiles, details… the Scooby got a proper going over with an array of lenses. A few of the man behind DBC himself hanging from the driver’s window looking every inch a World Rally Champion and it was job done.

The result? Well, see for yourself. We don’t think the Impreza has ever looked so sexy.

Ever fancied a full photoshoot of your prized automobile yourself? Then why not get in touch… contact us at we’d love to hear from you.